Moles La Tia

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Moles La Tia

The delicious smell of Mole made a nun break her vow of silence, the legend says. This happened in the Convent of Santa Clara in Puebla, Mexico where the Mole Poblano, the best known of its variety was born. Mole was originated during pre-Colombian times, the Aztecs used to cook mole for the Spaniards during the conquest and called it molli o mulli – in Nahuatl.

Our chefs exquisite taste and amazing culinary abilities had created the biggest selection of moles, from Poblano mole to passion fruit, tequila and coffee mole. They are all cooked with organic and fresh ingredients and we used more than 15 kinds of chiles, 10 different spices and seeds . The ingredients are carefully selected not only to meet their gourmet flavor, but also to find the perfect combination of colors, turning the plate into an art piece.

Come and explore Moles La Tia where we guarantee you the best fusion of contemporary and gourmet flavors with the traditional recipe that make mole a centennial food.

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